More Auto Dealers Going Digital as Shoppers Favor Web

Shopping online has quickly become the norm today. Nothing beats the convenience of browsing from anywhere to make a purchase versus having to sit in traffic to travel to a location that may be busy, or have a pushy salesman who makes you uncomfortable.

In fact, consumers today are much more informed and empowered shoppers. Most of consumers are on their mobile devices, researching prices and reviews before making a purchase decision. This is the reason retailers like Amazon and Ebay have continued to grow and the same reason you might buy your next car online.

Traditionally, auto dealers were left behind in the online shopping revolution. Buying a car is typically a large investment and requires signing paperwork and going for a test drive. Today, thanks to a transformation in how e-commerce tools operate and digital marketing tactics, it's become possible for automotive dealerships to also cross over into this new and fertile landscape.

Smart auto dealers have already made the plunge. Some offer online services for simple maintenance and repair scheduling and others allow customers to get pre-approvals, trade-in estimates and even finish most of the purchasing process online. As online shoppers scour the Web for a new car, doesn’t it make sense that an ad displaying your latest offer would appear alongside the content? If it’s not yours, make no mistake, it will be someone else's ad.

Can you really afford to miss that window of opportunity with a potential customer - or the many potential customers surfing the Web every day?

About the Author:

Stan Mankovsky is Senior Financial Executive, with over 30 years of Business Experience and Expertise and Marketing Mastery. Stan Mankovsky is serial Entrepreneur who is an Expert in the Automotive industry, Banking and Digital Marketing. Growing up in Forest Hills New York, Stan Mankovsky learned the way of the business from the best business in the Greater New York Area.


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