Mobile Digital Marketing: The Race is On

Do you know where you’d be without your mobile device?

What started as a tool to make phone calls while on the go, has transformed into something people are using to do just about everything today.

By 2019, it’s projected that mobile phone users across the world will surpass 5 billion. As mobile device dependency increases, people are finding new ways to multitask while on the go. Their mobile devices have replaced desktop, home phone and even their wallets.

For marketers, that means, the race is on to deliver messaging that is memorable and effective - even with shortened attention spans. Consumers are on a different buying journey today. They are consuming media, browsing sites and seeing ads while doing something else at the same time. They don’t have time to read long posts or wait to be enticed to buy. They’re buying everything from clothing to groceries with the click of a button.

Marketers must get to the point faster, leverage tools to optimize their strategies and plan campaigns around device capabilities and user friendliness instead of traditional methods. It’s crazy to think that less than a decade ago we didn’t have the innovations we do today. And with new developments happening daily, it’s astounding to think what we’ll be capable of in another decade.

For digital marketers this new playing field is ripe for creation and competition. Those who fail to deliver will be left behind at the starting line.

Think Digital, Stay Vertical!

About the Author:

Stan Mankovsky is Senior Financial Executive, with over 30 years of Business Experience and Expertise and Marketing Mastery. Stan Mankovsky is serial Entrepreneur who is an Expert in the Automotive industry, Banking and Digital Marketing. Growing up in Forest Hills New York, Stan Mankovsky learned the way of the business from the best business in the Greater New York Area.

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