Auto Dealers & The Millennial Buyer

Auto Dealers & The Millennial Buyer Fast and convenient is the name of the game for today’s consumers. Whether they’re buying a new TV or a car, brand loyalty, word of mouth and convenience hold the most power in buying decisions. That’s because the Millennial generation has grown up for all or most of their lives using computers and technology to make life easier and more convenient.

Buying online is the norm today. Far less people are traveling from store to store to find what they’d like to purchase. Instead they are online searching for products, comparing prices and reading what their friends and experts have to say before deciding to buy. When it comes to car shopping, research shows that this consumer segment is the fastest-growing in auto loan and purchases. The days of wandering through packed car lots for the best deal have transformed into online browsing and buying. For marketers, this paradigm shift has changed the way advertising should be done and makes a focus on digital more important than ever for auto dealers. Being present on mobile, responsive via social and offering discounts that matter are all important ploys at winning the millennial buyer. Have you reviewed your marketing tactics lately? Is the millennial buyer on your radar?

About the Author:

Stan Mankovsky is Senior Financial Executive, with over 30 years of Business Experience and Expertise and Marketing Mastery. Stan Mankovsky is serial Entrepreneur who is an Expert in the Automotive industry, Banking and Digital Marketing. Growing up in Forest Hills New York, Stan Mankovsky learned the way of the business from the best business in the Greater New York Area.

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