Can’t We All Just Get Along? Digital vs. Paper Advertising

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Digital vs. Paper Advertising

Depending who you talk to about marketing today, you might get a different response when you ask if the print world is dead. While it's true magazines are now mostly online, there is still a thriving channel for printed marketing materials and mailers.

Many well-known retail chains still use coupon mailers and flyers to make customers aware of a sale and get them into the door. Some brands even go as far as sending thank-you notes or other reminders to add a personal touch and strengthen loyalty.

Car dealerships are one industry that’s still getting great response rates from paper mailed marketing materials

One recent study looked at elements such as eye movement and brain waves and determined that paper marketing materials are more effective at communicating messages than digital ads. It was both easier to recall brands and understand messaging in print.

Still, people are online a lot more today and getting your marketing messages out to that channel cannot be ignored. Instead of a battle over which method is right or wrong, we should work together and develop marketing strategies that address all audiences at the right time.

Think Digital! Stay Vertical!

About the Author:

Stan Mankovsky is Senior Financial Executive, with over 30 years of Business Experience and Expertise and Marketing Mastery. Stan Mankovsky is serial Entrepreneur who is an Expert in the Automotive industry, Banking and Digital Marketing. Growing up in Forest Hills New York, Stan Mankovsky learned the way of the business from the best business in the Greater New York Area.

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